Our in-house brokerage offers seamless occupancy management, and our responsive tenant relations will ensure satisfaction. From budgeting, accounting, reporting, analysis and access to the entire real estate market and we can help you get the most out of your property. 


Our experienced team will listen to your goals and design the best plan to achieve them. Our knowledge of the area, expertise in the market and thoughtful consideration about each detail of the process means, you are getting the maximum return on investment.

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Our Expertise is Your Resource

Since 1969, Edward M. Paul & Company is proud to bring fifty years of expertise in full service rental collection and Lease administration services to the Philadelphia region. Our Principals are skilled at handling everything from marketing and leasing, to rent collection and administration, allowing our Clients to experience a true “armchair investment”.
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The best Value for a Client of EMPCO is the



A leasing commission, or LC for short, is a fee paid by a commercial real estate landlord to a real estate broker in exchange for introducing a tenant that successfully completes a lease with the landlord. It is normally paid in the form of a percentage of the tenant’s yearly rent.


At EMPCO, we offer a different twist on the commissions, which saves our Client’s cash flow and risk exposure on paying commissions upfront on a Lease that the Tenant Defaults on.


It is quite simple; we only get paid when YOU GET PAID.  Instead of being paid upfront on a five- or ten-year lease, we charge 6%, monthly.  We collect the rent for you, administer the Lease and then take our 6% out on an ongoing monthly basis.  If the Tenant ever down not pay rent, there is no check us to process or take our commission out of.

Lease Abstracts

Our team reviews and abstracts every lease to ensure valuable rights are identified and costly traps are avoided.


Our experts assist with budgeting annual rent and unpredictable operating expenses well in advance.


We provide monthly reports that highlight everything you need to know about your real estate portfolio which can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Document Review

Clients consider our team a trustworthy ongoing resource for reviewing critical lease documents including Estoppel certificates requested by landlords over the lease term, as well as due diligence for potential new lease acquisition.

Rent Processing

We encourage our clients to have invoices sent directly to us, so we can review, highlight & report to you.

CAM/Operating Expenses Reviews

We review annual Operating-Expense Reconciliations and Budgets provided by landlords throughout the year to look for red flags. Each year, we help our clients recover millions of dollars in erroneous charges.


We provide monthly rent reports that highlight recurring charges, expense changes and any one-time expense. Our experts will work with your accounting team for seamless integration into your accounts payable process.

Document Storage

We store all critical lease data and documents in a secure, cloud-based system, making them accessible to clients 24-hours a day from anywhere in the world.